Frequentis’ Integration Challenge: ARINC 424 and AIXM

How Spatial DNA solved a decades-old problem in the aviation industry with industry leading knowlege of ARINC 424 and AIXM.

Spatial DNA solved the Rosetta Stone of the aviation industry with our ARINC 424 Connector. Find out how Frequentis, an information system company in air traffic, decided to tackle a decades-old roadblock in the aviation industry with the power of FME.

Since the 1970s, aviation companies have been using ARINC 424 (formatted air navigation data) to load their flight management systems on aircraft and air traffic control systems. But there are a number of other uses for this data – one being to exchange aeronautical information between information systems such as instrument procedure design and aeronautical information management (AIM) systems.

With the adoption of AIXM as an XML-based standard for information exchange, the ongoing challenge has been moving complex data into geographic objects that can be represented in XML. Frequentis turned to Spatial DNA to move air navigation data from ARINC 424 to AIXM 4.5 and AIXM 5.1, and the reverse.

This has helped Frequentis solve a critical problem in their delivery of AIM solutions. Frequentis solutions manage data in AIXM, but many AIM solutions only import/export ARINC 424. The ARINC 424 Connector enables Frequentis to keep all data across all systems synchronized on behalf of their clients.

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