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Enterprise Integration with FME for the Township of Langley

With a little imagination and expertise, FME became the exact tool this growing government needed for enterprise integration. Find out how the Township of Langley joined other regional leaders in leveraging the FME Platform to meet residents’ needs.

Taxpaying residents expect a few things from their local government departments.

Public services. Clean water. Maintenance of infrastructure. Fire and police protection.

From an outsider perspective, providing these may seem straightforward. However, coordinating and maintaining daily living standards for hundreds or thousands of people can quickly become a logistical and organizational Gordian knot. Even one task — for example, replacing a damaged street sign — involves multiple communication points, approval processes, and different departments with different data management systems, often operating in silos. Imagine coordinating hundreds of assignments, for thousands of people, every day.

FME, as an enterprise integration platform, enabled the Township to connect their systems and automate their workflows.

Download Township of Langley Case Study