200,000 people served better with location intelligence

Connecting and communicating with residents is no small task - especially when you're serving more than 200,000 people, like the Town of Richmond Hill.



Connecting and communicating with customers in a modern and efficient way is no easy feat. Particularly when you are a municipality serving more than 200,000 residents like the Town of Richmond Hill.

The Town provides critical services such as tree and road maintenance, water services, waste collection and more. These services involve complex workflows and a need to ensure the resident who requested the service is informed. The Town needed a way to exceed the service level expectations of its residents, increase transparency in the process, and improve their internal operations. It needed a modern, more efficient, CRM (customer relationship management system).

Find out how – in just four months – the Town of Richmond Hill was able to incorporate geospatial data into its operations management system and CRM to dramatically improve its ability to serve the community.

Download the Richmond Hill Case Study

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