Spatial DNA Joins the Dude Solutions Partner Program

Spatial DNA is pleased to announce an official partnership with Dude Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based operations management software.



Spatial DNA—a developer of integration technology that connects systems, transforms work, and empowers people with the data they need at their fingertips—is pleased to announce an official partnership with Dude Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based operations management software.  This collaboration will leverage both companies’ growing global portfolio of customers undergoing digital transformation. 

CityConnect iO’s templated integrations enable Dude Solutions products to seamlessly communicate with third-party solutions for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), document management, electronic plan review, and more. That means less work for organizations, faster results for teams, and better service for end users.

“With Dude Solutions, we’ll be collaborating across industries -- education, state and local government, healthcare, and manufacturing to expand the application of our CityConnect iO and PeopleFlow platforms,” says Todd Lewis, founder and CEO of Spatial DNA. “With our two organizations working together, Dude customers will be able to connect to their favourite systems and also leverage IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to improve their operations.”

“Dude Solutions is an incredibly exciting company that spans multiple industries, and we’re looking forward to collaborating in all of these verticals,” says Rob Hewitt, Director of Global Business Development of Spatial DNA.

Spatial DNA joins the Dude Solutions partner program as a channel partner. The partnership combines the company's expertise with the Dude Solutions portfolio for a seamless customer experience that simplifies day-to-day operations with data to analyze, decide and innovate. 

"With Spatial DNA, we're able to offer integrations that simply make our clients' lives easier. It's rare to find a partner with their breadth and depth of expertise, and we're thrilled to provide an incredible value to our clients," said Brian Benfer, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Dude Solutions "Together we're helping organizations globally by providing a solution that not only connects critical systems that they couldn’t before, but is capable of helping them grow."

spatialdnalogoAbout Spatial DNA

Spatial DNA works across industries to build faster, more resilient systems and happier teams by focusing on one thing: data. Whether in government, aviation, retail, manufacturing, or real property, Spatial DNA’s team of experts has used GIS and system integration patterns to solve complex problems, from helping drones take flight with ARINC 424 software, fostering city growth with CityConnect iO, or equipping real property owners with indoor mapping solutions for an in-depth look at their physical spaces. To find out more, connect with us on our website Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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