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Predictive Support Sounds Cool - Why Should I Care?

Predictive Support sounds like a new buzzword. How can an integration platform ensure you never have to log a support ticket again?



When it comes to getting support for software products, vendors or their resellers usually offer break-fix support through phone, email, web forms, or bots. When encountering a software issue, you must navigate through the vendor's process, provide information to recreate the problem and apply suggested fixes while hitting roadblocks and jumping through hoops. If you're like most humans, you can't help but be frustrated by the entire process - you're doing all the work!

Is there a better way?

Wouldn't it be great if a software vendor could identify and fix an issue before you even noticed it? And what if the vendor reached out to you to request help fixing a problem they couldn't resolve directly?

Predictive Support turns the tables on the typical software support model. It leverages signals built into the software to enable richer logging and uses machine learning algorithms to establish baseline performance metrics to detect real-time anomalies.  Analyzing historical data and monitoring system health in real time can identify patterns and indicators of potential failures or performance degradations.  This allows support teams to proactively address issues before they cause significant disruptions, improving system uptime and reliability, and 

At Spatial DNA, we manage your entire integration experience - so you don't have to.  We process transactional messages between two or more systems, ensuring that the right data is in the right system at the right time.  Our pre-built Smart Workflows enable the data exchanges between your systems throughout a business process. 


There are many reasons why errors may occur in this process - we are talking about data that is often inconsistent:

  • Data may be missing key fields, have an unexpected format, contain format instructions (such as HTML), or illegal characters;
  • Network connection issues between systems can drop messages in transit;
  • Passwords or usernames or permissions are changed;
  • Connections time-out when posting a transaction because a system is busy; or,
  • Systems reject a transaction for violation of an internal business rule.

Predictive Support at Spatial DNA monitors the health of the Spatial DNA Platform and Smart Workflows. It escalates message processing errors to our helpdesk for review and resolution by Spatial DNA staff. It predicts issues with the Spatial DNA Platform and with Smart Workflows to ensure they run smoothly and to add system resources (memory or processing power) as necessary. 

You expect your systems to work, and because we're talking smart workflows, we should fix any issues before you even know there is a problem.

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