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Spatial DNA Joins the Cityworks Partner Network

Spatial DNA joins the Cityworks Partner Network, leveraging their dual expertise to serve government teams undergoing digital transformation.



Spatial DNA—a team of experts in the design, architecture, development, and integration of spatial data into enterprise information systems—is an official partner of Cityworks, a Trimble Company, the leading provider of GIS-centric public asset management and permitting solutions for local government and utility organizations.  

Spatial DNA has been successfully using Cityworks in implementations for years in towns and cities nationwide. This collaboration will leverage that expertise to serve local government teams undergoing digital transformation. 

CityConnect iO’s templated integrations enable Cityworks AMS and PLL to seamlessly communicate with third-party solutions for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, automatic vehicle location (AVL), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), document management, electronic plan review, and more. That means less work for organizations, faster results for teams, and better service for end users.

“Modern applications like Cityworks have great workflows and automation capabilities within the application.  Cities and towns benefit when they can connect this critical operational data to financial, human resource, and citizen engagement systems,”  said Todd Lewis, founder and CEO of Spatial DNA. “The Cityworks relationship will enable Spatial DNA to help Cityworks customers and partners automate work and the movement of data across the applications portfolio of cities and towns.  In effect – we’ll be breaking down these data silos together and automating work across the organization.”

The immense capabilities provided by combining Cityworks’ enterprise asset management and community development solutions with Spatial DNA’s iPaaS CityConnect iO makes implementations easier and lowers risk in interfacing across the enterprise systems used by municipal and utility organizations.

“Cityworks is committed to growing with our customers, and so it is important for our solutions to be seamlessly interoperable with their other business systems,” said George Mastakas, executive vice president of enterprise solutions at Cityworks. “Organizations need to connect their systems quickly and without developing or maintaining custom programming code. As such, we are happy to welcome Spatial DNA as our partner.”

About Spatial DNA

Spatial DNA works across industries to build faster, more resilient systems and happier teams by focusing on one thing: data. Whether in government, aviation, retail, manufacturing, or real property, Spatial DNA’s team of experts has used GIS and system integration patterns to solve complex problems, from helping drones take flight with ARINC 424 software, fostering city growth with CityConnect iO, or equipping real property owners with indoor mapping solutions for an in-depth look at their physical spaces. To find out more, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


About Cityworks, A Trimble Company

Cityworks, a Trimble Company, is the leading GIS-centric solution for public asset management. Built exclusively on Esri® ArcGIS®, Cityworks is designed to help organizations manage public assets and their associated data, work activities, and business processes. Cityworks is Empowering GIS® at more than 700 organizations around the world.

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